Manufacturing Engineering For Brake Pad Industry Since 1986

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Manufacturing process for friction pads is changing

The global market requests more and more brake pads consisting of environmentally friendly materials, for passengers car applications as well as for commercial vehicle applications.

Even for commercial vehicles, brake pads will substitute brake linings soon. Especially in North America, air disc brakes will gain more market shares soon

Therefore, a change or improvement of current process techology for friction pads is an essential challenge for a lot of manufacturers


Hot press technology in positive Molding is the state-of-the-art process for brake pad production
  • Improve

    Improve your current manufacturing process by optimization of cycle time

  • Tuning

    Tuning formulations to improve performacne and reduce raw material costs.

  • Define

    Define a process standadization with your R&D and operation organization

  • Expand

    Expands your production capacity; Invest in up-to-date benchmark equipment.

  • Launch

    Enable a smooth launch phase while introducing new processes and or new products.

I'm able to offer all needed knowledge to realizing product and process development

from concept planning
engineering - installation - equipment set up
to product launch phase